do you have questions or problems with the hoppstar artist?

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do you have a software problem?*

What is a software problem? Find some examples below:
Your camera cannot be turned on,
your camera crashes or freezes,
you cannot take pictures,
the camera turns off by itself

  • If the camera works without SD Card, there is a problem with the Card. Pls format the SD-Card on your Laptop/PC or contact your shop to exchange the SD-Card.

  • Pls contact your shop to exchange your camera.

do you have problem with printing?

Is your camera not printing your pictures?
Are the pictures stripy, or do they not look like here: Hoppstar Example Pictures

Your Camera is not Printing?

  • insert the paper roll correctly

  • close the paper compartment

Are your Pictures stripey, spotted or not clear?

  • Open the Paper Compartment, the printing head is located on the inside top

  • Clean the print head with an alcoholic wipe

  • Print several pictures

Is the problem not solved?

Please contact your shop!

Did you buy your Camera in our Onlineshop?

Please check the Batch No. on the product sticker. The product sticker is located on the bottom of the camera.

Please fill in the form below with all Product Infos, Batch No. and a detailed description of your problem.

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How to Reset the Hoppstar Artist

  • Take a needle or similar

  • put the needle inside to push the reset button