Of course, not every photo becomes a masterpiece, but every photo deserves to be one. That's why Hoppstar children's cameras offer high-resolution image sensors in order to be able to save or print out the photographic moments of your children for the future.


Hoppstar kids cameras value attractive design. We want to offer your child a product that they are proud to take with them wherever they go and are also happy to show them off. Hoppstar is available in many different and interchangeable designs, so there is something for every taste.

More than "just" a toy

Hoppstar wants to use photography to help children express their creativity, sharpen their observational skills and develop their fine motor skills. Your child should dive into a completely new world, experience it as a moment and be able to capture it photographically.

No additional games

Hoppstar kids cameras are educational toys. We deliberately refrain from additional built-in games. But to ensure that the fun of taking photos is not neglected, all cameras have super cute photo filters and frames that children can experiment with.

Lightweight construction

Hoppstar kids cameras are made of the highest quality materials. These not only make them particularly robust against impacts, but also particularly light and comfortable to use.

Easy operation

Large buttons ensure ease of use so that you can familiarize yourself with all of the camera's functions as quickly as possible.

Certified quality

Hoppstar kids cameras are certified according to the following international standards: CCC, MA, CE, RoHS

Charging & data transfer

Hoppstar kids cameras are equipped with an SD card slot (and a matching 16 GB SD memory card) as well as a USB charging cable slot for charging.

13 European languages

The menu of the Hoppstar kids cameras is available in 13 European languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Slovenian, Danish, Serbian, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish and Hungarian.

Our sustainability concept

At Hoppstar, it is important to us to protect the environment as much as possible and, above all, not to influence future generations through our actions. That is why we base our sustainability concept on the following 4 pillars.

1. Short routes.
We work with our production partners to keep the routes of raw materials and product components as short as possible. We try to do the same here in Europe as best as we can by avoiding unnecessary routes (double deliveries, etc.).

2. High quality and the associated long service life.
Hoppstar products are built in such a way that they have the longest possible product-life. This avoids bringing further products into circulation, for example through replacement products (and the disposal of the original product), and ultimately because of this generate more waste.

3. Servicing of our products.
Wherever possible, we service our products instead of simply replacing a defective product and simply discarding the original product.

4. Avoid plastic wherever possible.
We eliminate plastic wherever possible. We have made our packaging 99% plastic-free (except for the window on the Expert model).

Furthermore we have, of course, all our products tested according to the applicable standards of the respective countries in which we sell. This ensures that our products are safe for children and meet all standards.