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Rookie - Blush

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The Hoppstar Rookie impresses with its delightful design. The large buttons make it particularly easy to use.

The detachable silicone case offers protection against breakage and at the same time gives enough grip to be able to hold and handle the camera easily.

The Rookie has popular features like photo frames, photo filters and face recognition. It offers children many fun opportunities to explore their creativity and develop their skills.

Certified quality: CE, EN71, RoHS, CCC, MA.

1. Extras
  • Auto focus
  • Auto white balance
  • Auto ISO balance
  • Auto color correction
  • Auto brightness correction
  • Face detection
  • many different menu languages
2. recommended age

from 3 years

3. Product Size

7.8 x 4.8 x 4.3cm

4. weight

95 grams

5. important notes

Please only clean the digital camera with a slightly damp cloth.
Please never leave the digital camera in direct sunlight or near a heat source.
Keep the digital camera away from moisture and do not let water get on it.
The digital camera cannot be used in water or under water!
If possible, avoid dropping the digital camera on hard surfaces.
The Hoppstar cameras are only to be used under adult supervision.
Please do not transfer any photo or video files made with other cameras to the Hoppstar kids camera.
Check the educational toy regularly for possible damage.
Never open the product yourself.
Repairs may only be carried out by qualified personnel.

Rookie - Blush
Rookie - Blush
Rookie - Blush
Rookie - Blush
Rookie - Blush
Rookie - Blush
Rookie - Blush
Rookie - Blush
Rookie - Blush
Rookie - Blush
Rookie - Blush

Why Hoppstar?


    Different, interchangeable designs, there is something for everyone!


    Lots of fun photo frames and filters, but no extra games.


    Our products only use certified, high-quality materials.